Power Amplifiers

  • 20 to 100 GHz Product Range
  • Narrowband and broadband frequency coverage
  • 2.9, 2.4, 1.85 mm and waveguide interface versions
  • Internal voltage regulation & sequencing
  • Convenient RF port locations for system insertion
  • The HMPA and HHPA Series of Medium and High Power Amplifiers covers select bands from 20 to 100 GHz. A wide variety of gain and bandwidth combinations are available to provide the designer with a solution for most applications. Custom designs are available and in many cases NRE is not required. MMIC technology is exclusively employed for high reliability and repeatability. Each power amplifier contains a voltage regulator and bias sequencer allowing the use of a single bias voltage to power the amplifier, saving the user the complication of providing this circuitry.

    The amplifiers can be used in radar or communications systems transmitters and also as gain blocks in LO chains and test equipment. Low noise amplifier stages can be combined with the power amplifier stages for high gain/high P1dB performance. The power amplifiers can also be packaged with other functions for custom configurations.

    Power Amplifier Specifications - 18 to 70 GHz

    This is just a sample listing of available power amplifiers.
    Please choose from these models or contact factory with your requirements.
    Please identify your required frequency range with any inquiry.

    Coaxial Power Amplifiers

    Model Number Frequency Range (GHz) Input/Output P1dB (dBm) typical Gain (dB) typical
    HMPAAK-133 New!17.0 - 31.02.9 mm, Female+2030
    HHPAKK-37123-5 - 26.52.9 mm, Female+1930
    HHPAB2.4-511 New!40.0 - 47.52.4 mm, Female+2315
    HHPAVC-25050.0 - 66.01.85 mm, Female+1635

    Waveguide Power Amplifiers

    HHPAA-30132.0 - 36.0WR-28, UG-599/U+2520
    HHPAA-02234.5 - 35.5WR-28, UG-599/U+2915
    HHPAV-510 New!50.0 - 66.0WR-15, UG-385/U+1434
    HHPAV-26153.0 - 60.0WR-15, UG- 385/U+1415
    HHPAV-29755.0 - 65.0WR-15, UG- 385/U+1330
    HHPAV-22255.0 - 65.0WR-15, UG- 385/U+1425
    HHPAV-35555.0 - 65.0WR-15, UG- 385/U+1728
    HHPAV-46157.0 - 63.0WR-15, UG-385/U+1717
    HHPAV-30257.0 - 66.0WR-15, UG-385/U+1416
    HHPAV-33057.0 - 66.0WR-15, UG- 385/U+1425
    HHPAV-29557.0 - 66.0WR-15, UG- 385/U+1529
    HHPAV-548 New! 57.0 - 66.0WR-15, UG- 385/U+2132
    HHPAV-25457.5 - 66.0 WR-15, UG- 385/U+1625
    HHPAV-28558.0 - 62.0 WR-15, UG-385/U+1715

    Power Amplifier Specifications - 70 to 100 GHz

    Model Number Frequency Range (GHz) Input/Output P1dB (dBm) typical Gain (dB) typical
    HHPAE-48771.0 - 76.0WR-12, UG-387/U+1528
    HHPAE-496 New!71.0 - 76.0WR-12, UG-387/U+2335
    HHPAE-23175.5 - 77.5WR-12, UG-387/U+1514
    HMPAE-132 New!76.0 - 77.0WR-12, UG-387/U+1530
    HMPAE-529 New!76.0 - 77.0WR-12, UG-387/U+2134
    HHPAW-35276.0 - 77.0WR-10, UG-387/U-M+1518
    HHPAW-18876.0 - 77.0WR-10, UG-387/U-M+1530
    HHPAE-517 New!76.0 - 81.0WR-12, UG-387/U+2030
    HMPAE-543 New!76.0 - 84.0WR-12, UG-387/U+1432
    HHPAW-22677.0 - 82.0WR-10, UG-387/U-M+1224
    HHPAE-48881.0 - 86.0WR-12, UG-387/U+1426
    HHPAE-497 New!81.0 - 86.0WR-12, UG-387/U+2128
    HHPAW-33685.0 - 91.0WR-10, UG-387/U-M+20 (PSAT)30
    HMPAW-08586.0 - 88.0WR-10, UG-387/U-M+1313
    HMPAW-07790.0 - 98.0WR-10, UG-387/U-M+1018
    HMPAW-09892.0 - 96.0WR-10, UG-387/U-M+1018
    HHPAW-34892.0 - 96.0WR-10, UG-387/U-M+15 (PSAT)18
    HHPAW-530 New!92.0 - 96.0WR-10, UG-387/U-M+1530

    Specifications @ 35°C TCASE, Specifications subject to change w/o notice.

    Requesting quotes

    When requesting a quote for HMPA or HHPA High Power Amplifiers, please specify required frequency range and any other required specifications. The amplifiers are built to order and will be optimized for the bandwidth specified by the customer. The part number guide below can also be used as a reference for requesting quotes.

    Interface Options

    SMA female connectors available to 20 GHz.
    2.9 mm connectors available through 40 GHz.
    2.4 mm connectors available through 50 GHz.
    1.85 mm connectors available through 65 GHz.

    Downloads (click to download)

    HMPA/HHPA Series Power Amplifiers
    50 to 66 GHz Power Amplifier, HHPAV-510
    55 to 65 GHz Power Amplifier, HHPAV-222
    57 to 66 GHz Power Amplifier, HHPAV-330
    57 to 66 GHz Power Amplifier, HHPAV-548
    64 to 71 GHz Power Amplifier, HHPAV-592
    71 to 76 GHz Power Amplifier, HHPAE-459
    88-96 GHz Power Amplifier, HHPAW-578
    88-96 GHz Power Amplifier, HHPAW-579
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