PIN Diode Attenuators

  • 18 to 110 GHz Product Range
  • Full band versions up to 60 GHz
  • Integrated Drivers
  • Fast switching times
  • The HVA series of broadband PIN Diode attenuators covers the waveguide bands from 18 to 110 GHz. Full waveguide band coverage is available up to 60 GHz. The attenuators are available for applications requiring variations in power levels using a control voltage. A 0 to +5 V tuning range is used to control the attenuation level.

    These designs utilize a low loss finline structure with silicon or GaAs beam lead diodes for minimum insertion loss and optimum attenuation flatness. Standard attenuation values range from 30 dB up to 50 GHz to 15 dB at 100 GHz. Options for alternateattenuation values can be offered with low loss versions and isolation levels up to 40 dB.

    Specifications @ 35°C TCASE. Specifications subject to change w/o notice.

    Part Number Frequency (GHz) WG / Flange (WR# / UG#) Maximum Bandwidth Insertion Loss (dB) Isolation (dB)
    HVA420318.0 - 26.542        595/UFull1.2 30
    HVA340322.0 - 33.034        595/UFull1.6 30
    HVA280326.5 - 40.028        599/U Full1.830
    HVA220333.0 - 50.022        599/U-MFull2.030
    HVAM120171.0 - 86.012        387/U5GHz4.512
    HVAM120171.0 - 86.012        387/U5 GHz7.024

     General Specifications

    Bias 15.00 VDC @ 20 ma
    Control Voltage0 to + 5.00 V
    VSWR Low Loss State2:1 typical
    VSWR @ Full Attenuation State3.5: typical
    Switching Speed (10 - 90% )500 ns
    Maximum RF PowerSpec compliant to 100 mW
    Operates to 500 mW without damage
    Operating Temperature0 to +60°C

    Requesting quotes

    When requesting a quote for HVA PIN Diode Attenuators, please specify required frequency range, isolation level and any other required specifications. HVA attenuators are built to order and will be optimized for the bandwidth specified by the customer. The part number guide be- low can also be used as a reference for requesting quotes.

    Downloads (click to download)

    PIN Diode Attenuator data sheet (includes listing of all available standard models)
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