Farran Technology Instrumentation Products

CobaltFX Instrumentation Line

CobaltFX Instrumentation Line

VNA Frequency Extenders

40-60 GHz VNA Frequency Extender FEV-19
50-75 GHZ VNA Frequency Extender FEV-15
60-90 GHZ VNA Frequency Extender FEV-12
70 - 110 GHz VNA Frequency Extender FEV-10-TR-0004
75-110 GHz VNA Frequency Extender FEV-10
110-170 GHz VNA Frequency Extender FEV-06
140-220 GHz VNA Frequency Extender FEV-05
220-325 GHz VNA Frequency Extender FEV-03
325-500 GHz VNA Frequency Extension FEV-02

Signal Generator Frequency Extenders

40-60GHz Frequency Extension Source FES-19
50 - 75GHz Frequency Extension Source FES-15
60-90GHz Frequency Extension Source FES-12
75-110GHz Frequency Extension Source FES-10
110-170GHz Frequency Extension Source FES-06
140-220GHz Frequency Extension Source FES-05
220-325GHz Frequency Extension Source FES-03

Noise Figure Analyzer Frequency Extenders

26.5-40 GHz Frequency Blockdown Converter FBC-28
36.5-50 GHz Frequency Blockdown Converter FBC-22
40-60 GHz Frequency Blockdown Converter FBC-19
50-75 GHz Frequency Blockdown Converter FBC-15
60-90 GHz Frequency Blockdown Converter FBC-12
75-110 GHz Frequency Blockdown Converter FBC-10
110-170 GHz Frequency Blockdown Converter FBC-06
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