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Job Title                  :   Sr. Test Technician – Components and Subsystems
Experience              :   5-Year minimum experience
Qualification            :   2-Year technical college or equivalent training desired.
No of Vacancies     :   1
Description              :   Position Summary:

The Senior Test Technician uses fundamental knowledge of DC and RF practices is used to tune, troubleshoot and test millimeter wave components and integrated assemblies.

Position Responsibilities:

• Determine test configuration from product specification.
• Perform DC measurements, plus RF measurements, including gain, insertion loss, VSWR, etc.
• Perform P1dB, spurious and noise figure measurements.
• Evaluate circuits and devices (mixers, filters, MMIC’s, etc.)
• Verify test equipment calibration.
• Identify and help solve technical problems.
• Thermo-compression bonding of gold ribbon for reactive tuning of microwave circuits.

• Perform integrated module testing, as needed.
• Construct spreadsheets and/or written documents.
• Work with product engineer to develop test/tuning procedures.
• Identify and solve complex technical problems.
• Recommend design changes.
• Generate test aids and instructions.

Special Skills/Competencies:

• The ability to embrace and support REC/HXI, LLC’s core cultural values – Commitment, Communication, Balance, Responsibility, Consistency, Fun, Teamwork, Education, Integrity, Excellence, Ownership, Health and Community
• Has a practical working knowledge of microwave practices.
• Has a comprehensive knowledge of microwave practices.
• Has a demonstrated ability to troubleshoot product circuits accurately to the component level
• Microscope use, good hand-eye coordination and use of small tools.
• Ability to work with minimum supervision

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